About Sister Promos


Sister Promos is for promotional purposes for the pages listed in the sidebar.
The purpose of this blog (site) is to help me grow as a promoter.
However, I am not your typical promoter. 
I plan to utilize this blog (site) to help promote close related subjects:
Upcoming events of the somos elias CHOIR
upcoming events of aspiring singer, Miss hannah 
book promotions:
upcoming book(s) from Miss Ruth
upcoming book(s) from miss abby (of abby Vision - THoughts)
and other promotions concerning this family.

The title "sister Promos" comes from me being an older sister, and i like promoting my family.
I am well acquainted with the social-media world, and because i have this knowledge
i wish to put it into use, according to God's plan in my life.
I am very good at what i do, considering I have always shared and RECOMMENDED people to my family.
However, I intend to make this as professional as possible. As if this is a client, and not my family.

If you wish to know more about me, I will have a link at the bottom of this page.
I do not accept any promo requests on this blog(site). 
Thank you for visiting, and God bless!

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